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You Can Get Nearly Everywhere, Very Quickly



You Can Get Nearly Everywhere, Very Quickly
Say what you will about EasyJet and Ryanair and how bloody awful they are, but the truth is that they have reinvented travel, and have arguably been THE catalyst in our changing travel habits. Those airlines, along with the excellent Channel Tunnel Eurostar link to the continent mean that we can go pretty much anywhere within 5 hours of flight time at the drop of a hat.

It is Cheaper

You only have to have a quick browse on places like and even Groupon to see that you can now have an all-included city holiday for around £90. You just can’t argue with that. For all you sceptics – you could spend that on a night out in London! Now you can spend it on a cultural trip to Florence, dahhling. Of course as with all things true value comes with planning – so be sure to book your flights ahead. Same day travel with Ryanair and EasyJet, though possible, is dear.

You Get as Much Rest…Without Getting too Lazy

When you’ve been having a tough, tiring time either at home or at work, you’ll be amazed how quickly you can recuperate. You just don’t need to lie-in until 10am every morning on holiday for two weeks and then spend the in-between time reading by the pool. Undeniably – that is a lovely way of passing time on holiday, but it won’t be doing you any good when you return to your desk. (Yes, your holiday will actually end).

A long weekend offers three, often four days of your own time. This is long enough to get in some good rest time and enjoy the sites of a new city. But, crucially, it is short enough that your brain doesn’t turn to pulp and you can keep on top of that pesky body clock of yours that so demands longer hours in bed.

Travel Lighter

Do you hate the budget airline’s silly baggage weight allowances? Well, let’s be honest – you shouldn’t really need to pay it anyway, especially if you’re only going to be away from three nights. Embrace the joys of lighter travel: not putting your back out hoisting a suitcase out of the car boot, quicker check-ins, quicker check-outs at strange foreign airport, and a reduced risk of your things being stolen by baggage handlers or lost in the mysterious black hole of air travel.

And on TOP of all that, it’s just good practice to travel light; it is a skill of the refined, the thoughtful, and the economical – all fine qualities a 21st Century human I say.

Little and Often

This is the final major point that we’d like to bring to the attention of our readers. In today’s capitalist, enforced, Big Brother society, Joe Average has anywhere between 20-25 days to take as holiday from their working lives.

Now what would you rather – two longer holidays at either end of the year, or lots of small, recuperative, mind expanding holidays in between? We all know that if you take the Friday (God forbid you miss after-work drinks!) and Monday off work that you actually blag yourself a four day holiday for the price of two – so make them count.

According to Life Well Lived calculations, that means that the average person could take TEN holidays over the course of the year, and spend about £2,000 in the progress (if you’re smart with where you book and when). That is just incredible.

Come on, embrace the power of the Long Weekend!

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