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All you need is love














All you need is love (for a healthy heart)

Did you know that love and intimacy are good for you? I’m sure most will agree it feels good, but did you know just how good it is for your well-being? Here are a few facts and figures that show how love can be beneficial in ways you may never have considered.

Kissing- not only is it great for the soul, the increased saliva production that it induces helps to keep the mouth clean and decay at bay.

Sex is a great way to lose weight- having vigorous sex for 30 minutes will burn over 150 calories!

If your partner dismisses your advances with the old headache excuse then gently remind them that sex can actually help to eliminate that headache. The natural endorphins released during the act of lovemaking are a great natural painkiller.

Sperm is good for the skin. No really! Although this might sound like a pseudo fact used by cheeky men, it is actually true! The proteins in sperm have a tightening effect upon the skin, making sperm a great anti-ageing solution.

The physical exertion involved in sex is great for your heart too; the elevated heart rate and muscular work out count as exercise!

There are also psychological advantages to sex and intimacy that have not gone unnoticed by medical science. Sex reduces stress and increases self esteem. So next time someone in the office is huffing and puffing for no good reason then tell them to go get laid; and cite the facts here if they think you are being glib.

If everyone had a little more love in their lives, the world would be a happier, healthier and calmer place.

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