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Do We Need to Worry?












Do We Need to Worry?

This might be a funny thing to ask, especially on a lovely up-beat blog such as Life Well Lived, but are there things we need to be doing in preparation ‘for the end’? Yes: as in the end of the world, the apocalypse, or if you’re religious – Judgement Day.

Admit it – you were all a little bit concerned about the prophecies of some old chap called Nostradamus a few years ago, and we were all convinced the ‘Millennium Bug’ was going to crawl around and eat us all alive whilst we sang Cliff Richards’ rubbish song about the Millennium. And this year, will we even make it till the 31st December? Have you SEEN the movie ‘2012’?? (no I haven’t either, but apparently it’s about the end of the world in some shape or form. Ooooh…)

But do we ACTUALLY have something we need to be worried about? After all, there has been an exponential increase in the number of natural disasters happening around the world every year; who’s to say a massive earthquake won’t just kill the world tonight? And despite Bruce Willis and his badass-meteorite-detonating balls not being dead yet, I’m pretty sure we’re due another massive ball of stony flames from outer space to splat us all dead like it our old cousins the dinosaurs.

And not just that. What about war? It’s probably a safe bet that we’re all going to kill ourselves before it happens because of any of the sexier natural causes. There are bucket loads of nuclear weapons sitting in every country that can afford them and mad dictators fighting over nothing… uh-oh.

So yes, we need to be prepared. But how? Here are two things I think we all need to consider (feel free to add more in the comment box if you think I’ve missed anything fundamental!)

Food. Have loads and loads of food

Think about it: at the end of the world, you just might not be able to pop to Nando’s and have your half chicken with hot sauce, with sides of chilli chips and coleslaw washed down with cool refreshing Coke. You won’t be able to go outside because of all the nuclear waste/man-eating zombies remember!? So make sure you’re stocked up in your house, somewhere. And don’t just have loads of frozen ready meals in the freezer. This doesn’t work because a) what if the power is cut off and you can’t keep your freezer running? b) how you going to cook that fish pie and c) they taste like sh*t. Instead, stock up on dry, storable, long-lasting food. It’s actually awesome. You can have anything from chicken korma to macaroni and cheese just by adding water! Found an awesome site called (clue is in the name), where you can buy A WHOLE YEAR’S WORTH of dry food for a family of four. That means for a year you can plan your escape strategy/assemble weapons for an assault on the zombie overlord camped outside your house. Or you can throw survival food dinner parties for you and your petrified, sun-starved friends. Fun!

Live on High Ground

Everyone knows that water flows downhill, nuclear waste settles on the floor, zombies hate running uphill, tidal waves can’t reach high ground and vampires hate direct sunlight (ok that last point isn’t strictly relevant and I’m not 100% about the nuclear waste thing but go with me here). So make sure you live at the top of a hill. Due to the economic climate it is also a great time to buy a house (they are worth practically nothing –hooray!), so remember these words: ‘buy high, be safe’.

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