3 Ways to Turn your Home into a Spa

3 Ways to Turn your Home into a Spa

In our busy working lives we all know how important it is to strike a balance and get the rest your mind and body needs in between.

Spa breaks and pampering holidays are booming industries, and as marketers persuade us that we need to part with huge swathes of our hard earned cash to go and sit in a heated indoor swimming pool in the Scottish Highlands, I would like to turn your attention to cheaper, longer term solutions to achieve peace and relaxation.

Let us help you make your home a spa:

Install a hydromassage cabin

home supply cabin













This sounds extravagant, but if you bear in mind that they cost about the same as two weekends at a spa and that they should last at least 20 years, these are fantastic value. Far from a gimmick, these will work as your secret weapon against stress whenever you need it. As with all purchases of this size though, it is worth doing your research.

Set-up a hammock













Let’s be honest – nothing beats lying down and closing your eyes when it comes to trying to relax. Combine that the healing properties of the outdoors and what you are left with is a hammock. They are cheap, light, and easy to stow away when the heavens open. If you haven’t tried one, you must.

Buy a rowing machine

concept 2













Contrary to popular belief (presumably because of the raised heart-rate and sweat associated with it), exercise is probably the best way in the world to relax. Exercise releases endorphins, your body’s own feel good drug, and leaves you feeling amazing.

If the reason you don’t exercise is because you don’t want to waste money on a gym or don’t fancy getting rained on whilst jogging in the park, the best investment you can make is a rowing machine.

They offer an all-body workout without the high-impact stresses put on your body by running, and can be stored in a relatively small space in your house.

If you have the money, invest in something that will last – the Concept 2. If not, you can find other perfectly good machines for around half the price.

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