The Best New Year Parties

New Year Ideas - Big Ben

Around late November and early December, it is not uncommon to find yourself in a conversation that roughly goes along the following lines:

Friend: ‘What are you doing for New Year this year?’

You: ‘Oh I don’t really know yet; I was waiting to see what other people have planned before I make any decisions’

Friend: ‘Yeah, same’

You: ‘And anyway, I’m not particularly bothered. New Year is always SUCH a let down isn’t it!?’

Friend: ‘Yes you are SO right. Everywhere just becomes really expensive and it’s really hard trying to organise everyone to be in one place. Sometimes I just really fancy staying at home and watching it with my family/girlfriend/boyfriend/granny/dog on the TV and getting to bed early.’

You: ‘Actually, that sounds quite appealing…’


It simply does not have to be like that. For once in your life, indulge in a little bit of planning and make New Year count. There is a reason there is hype around New Year, and there is a reason why YOUR New Year Party is always rubbish. Have a look through our top five New Year ideas to enjoy around the world (we have included a couple closer to home for those who aren’t willing to ruin 2013 financially before its even begun)


New Year Idea - Hogmanay

Perhaps one of the oldest street parties in the world and still going strong. Contrary to popular belief, Hogmanay happens all over Scotland in its different localised forms, but for the sake of this article we recommend Edinburgh.

The 4-day party (if you’re hardcore) mixes traditional customs and downright dirty modern partying in the most satisfyingly friendly way. Rarely have we ever experienced an atmosphere quite like it. One of the major traditions at Hogmanay is ‘first-footing’, which essentially means that residents leave their front doors open for strangers to bring luck upon themselves and the house for the following year by being the first in. Cue one of the biggest, most hospitable street parties in the world!

It’s best if you have a friend who lives in Edinburgh for somewhere to stay (not that you’ll be sleeping!). Hotels and B&B’s are booked up way in advance so it’s best to start planning how you’re going to do it nice and early.


New Years Ideas - Sydney

This just has to be here. Always at about 3pm UK time we see the world-class fireworks lighting up Sydney Harbour and kick-starting a party that heads unstoppably west around the globe. The New Zealanders might kick off when they hear this; but the Aussies really get the party started.

If budget is not an issue and you want to be where the party really kicks off, make sure you do Sydney for New Year at least once in your life. Where else can you spend New Year’s Eve in your boardshorts and/or bikini on the beach, sipping on goon and cooking shrimps over an open fire and chatting cricket with Bruce just because you can!? Come midnight, try and grab a spot at Macquaries Point for commanding TV-friendly views of the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Once the fireworks die down, tuck into you Toohey’s or VB (they don’t ACTUALLY have Fosters in Australia), and party until your miserable flight home.


New Year Ideas - London

The original and best. Though I would say that. Big Ben chimes, thousands of revellers sharing champagne on the banks of the river and, of course, an extended Tube service.

On the world timescale London is fashionably late for the party, but is arguably the life and soul of it. There are enough fireworks to fool the birds into thinking it’s daytime, and enough pubs, bars and streetparties running into the early hours to keep even the most hardened drinker’s thirst quenched.

London at New Year is more than a party, and you need to be there. The city becomes pedestrianised and the people really do take over. If you can get a clear view of the river at midnight then do, but it’s not essential. Enjoy the party at one of the huge Royal London Parks on the big screen with friends, or hang out with the tourists in Trafalgar Square.

If you live in England then you don’t need to be anywhere else, and if you don’t, you need to try it.





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